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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cake Testing

Gosh, this was so long ago!! Well, it was probably a month or so ago now--well, probably closer to 2 months. All I know is that it was at the beginning of the summer. We have the most fabulous baker for our wedding cakes ever. Let me just tell you that in all the preparation that I made for the wedding I thought that we would have vendors that have nigh volume--and it's turned out to be quite the opposite. We have found vendors that are very personable and just pure awesomeness. Seriously.

Anyway, we met with Michelle of Michelle's Elegant Cakes (although, word on the street is that they are changing their name soon) and her daughter to taste 2 flavors of cakes for the wedding. We tried Swiss Butter Cake (which is a bridal favorite) and Strawberry Delight. OMG. They were amazingly, sinfully delicious. We won't announce our decisions in flavors on here because we want it to be a surprise for all our guests, but I do have to say that everyone should be prepared to be pleasantly surprised :) Michelle and her daughter (who is 17) will be making our cakes. Michelle has been in the business for 20-years or so and grew up watching and helping her mother make cakes and her business is a family business. Very small volume and we didn't meet with any other cake vendors/bakers after meeting with her because we new that she was the one.

After meeting with Michelle, we got to take home the two small cakes that we sampled (yummy!).

Michelle and her daughter will be making our bridal cake (it's going to be yummy!!) and the groom's cake. Jake and I are both super excited to see how they turn out!! I honestly can't wait to see it in person on our wedding day because the wedding cake design I've picked out has some pretty intricate designs and is my dream cake. Jake's cake definitely fits him and definitely has a theme going ;-)

Now. Onto this weekend.

Jake has been working a lot. Well, for the past several weeks he's been working almost every Saturday and for the past 2 weeks or so he's been staying late at work. Which sucks for me because I'm not working at the moment and by the time 5/6pm rolls around, I'm ready for him to be home so that I have someone to talk to other than the cats and the dog. I've been getting pretty lonely. Anyway, so he's been working late so I decided that today we would spend all day together doing whatever. Well, we're taking a class at the church called b4ido in the morning (yes, more marriage prep stuff--we talk about, in depth, all thing marriage related. We both think it's awesome!!) so we went to that and then went and got lunch at Panera Bread. Then, we just did some running around/shopping. We were hoping that Verizon would give us early upgrades (I mean, we've been customers forever and I'm seriously a month away from my upgrade) but they said no and so we just looked at all the cool phones (and dreamed about having them, lol!). But the important thing is, we spent the day together--and it was a good day! I've been missing him like crazy since he's been working all these hours, but I'm sure it'll stay that way until I can find a job. I've definitely found myself a good man :) Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest I'll hear more about the job that I interviewed for about a week and a half ago. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying like crazy that I get the job. It would take some stress off of Jake--a lot off of him actually.

So. No updates that are too big. We lead a rather uninteresting life...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marriage Prep

There are no words to describe our marriage prep class. It's been about 3-weeks since we completed it but we've both been raving about it to anyone that'll listen. I know that people don't particularly care about our class or experience, but we are so excited about it that we just don't care that people don't care. lol!

Anyway, the class was at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. Which also happens to be the church that we have been attending as well (when we don't decide to worship God from our pillows on Sunday mornings :P And I'm sure God understands...). The class was on a Friday night from 7pm to 9:30pm and then a Saturday from 9am-3:30pm. All meals included :) We also received a "workbook" and 2 books: For Men Only by Shaunti & Jeff Feldhahn and For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. We also talked about Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages in which Jake and I have already been reading and working through (we also found out that we both speak totally different love languages--and are working on that. My love language is Acts of Service and Jake's is Physical Touch [of course!]). Anyway, the class was only $75 and we thought of it as an investment into building a strong foundation for our marriage. (Plus, you get almost $30+ taken off of your marriage license if you take a marriage prep class and get a certification for it. It doesn't really equal out--but we weren't concerned about that as we thought it was a good step in the right direction to starting our marriage.)

So what was so great about it? Everything. When we left the class both nights we were both in awe at the things that we were talking about--and talking about in a church, with Christians!! And kept saying that these were things that we wished had been taught to us and talked about as we were growing up. Let me backtrack a little bit here. Jake and I discovered this class because I had crossed paths with one of the facilitators: Jenifer Johnson. I was at my internship on a day that I wasn't normally there which just so happened to be a day that the school social worker I was working with had groups for the pregnant and parenting teens at the high school. Jenifer comes to the high school on those days to talk with the young ladies as well as to mentor a young lady or young ladies. I was getting ready to walk out when she was walking in and we got to talking. We were both glad to finally meet each other as we had heard about each other from my supervisor and got to talking. I told her that I had just gotten engaged and had just started really thinking about planning our wedding and she told me about the marriage prep class. I told her that we had already been thinking of finding something like that and that I would look into it when I got home. Well, Jake and I had already been toying around with the idea of going to a church, any church really, in the area to find a "home" church. So, we decided to start going to church. And it took one church. Do you believe in fate? Destiny? God has a way of showing us things in the strangest ways... we believe he told us not only that it was time to go back to church, but this was the church for us--and it is :) Anyway, after a few weeks of thinking about going to church and thinking about the class--we started going and then we signed up for the class.

Anyway, the class is facilitated mainly by Jen's husband, Barrett but Jen was there for most of the day on Saturday and facilitated the girls breakout session. Can I tell you how amazing Jen and Barrett are?? You can just tell that they are still so very much in love and have a great relationship. But they kept it real. The things that we talked about are: the biblical basis for marriage, why you do what you do, things to talk about before you say, "I do", coaching for husbands/wives (breakaway session), money, sex, and other issues such as family, friends, holidays, etc. I know we think about these things before marriage anyway--but I don't think it's in depth and couples definitely don't talk about them in the detail that they should!! Anyway, the class just made me realize how much work it takes to be in a relationship and that loving Jake really is a choice and that I need to show him on a daily basis that I love him. It also made me extremely excited for marrying Jake. I mean, I was excited before, but I feel that we're in such a good place in our relationship as a result of this (and other things) that I'm even more super excited. And I just can't wait to marry him!!! We're building such a good, strong foundation for the rest of our lives.

So excited. How does that saying go? "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible" -- When Harry Met Sally :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Change of Heart

Oh! It's not what you think!! Jake and I are doing just fine :) Actually, we're doing great!! It's just that originally I thought that I would blog my experiences while planning our wedding and it just hasn't happened that way. Plus, I want everything to be a surprise for everyone that comes to the wedding :) After the wedding I'll post details of the day... but you'll have to wait 9-months for that. Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to sort of use the blog now to write about things that Jake and I are up to since we're so far away from all our family members and many of our friends. It gives everyone a little glimpse into our world and will help family and friends feel like they are actively engaging in our lives.

Jake's work is getting ready to completely change the schedule and way the shop is run. He'll be going to a 4-day work week, working 10-hours per day. This is a good thing and a bad thing. He'll get a day during the week to relax and do any dentist, doctors, etc. appointments. But it also means that he could lose his team-leader position and go back to just being a regular technician. :-/ We're very anxious to see what happens. It could of course, go the other way, and he could go up a step (the name of the position is escaping me right now) in position and we're praying and hoping that he gets that position. He would be in a managerial position and would be putting down his tools for awhile. He may occasiionally work on a car still, but he would more or less be running a team and dealing with customers. Which I know that he would be awesome at :) He's such a people person!!

I had a job interview (finally!!) on Wednesday. I think that it went well and am praying and hoping and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I get the job. It's not exactly what I want to be doing for the rest of my life, but it's experience and a job and I'm actually super excited at the prospect of finally being in the social work field and working. I'd ultimately be working in Foster Care. The commute would be horrendous since it would be in the south part of Atlanta near the airport but the commute is worth a job. This is a chance for me to stretch my social work legs and really get my feet wet in the field. Eventually I'll be taking my LCSW exam and will be able to be a clinical social worker working in the private practice field doing therapy :)

I still haven't forgotten about my entry about the marriage prep class and the meeting with the baker. Like I said, they both deserve their own entry!! Let me just say that we felt amazing after both :) The marriage prep class got both of us even more super excited for marriage and how we want to proceed in terms of life and religion. We have been going to church and even though we weren't raised on strong religious upbrinings we feel like we have found a church that we want to belong to. We also are both on the road to welcoming God into our lives as well as our relationship. It's such an amazing feeling. Anyway, enough with all of that. It's such a personal decision and relationship that I don't want it to seem like I am "preaching" or pushing. We're just excited to be at this part of our lives with the wedding, our relationship, and with all the doors that are opening for us right now.
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