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Monday, October 25, 2010

Uninteresting Update

Seriously. Nothing big has been happening... the job is good. The kids are great and I'm hoping that I'll get into a good groove to really help out the family with everything. It may take another week or so... I'll get there.

Jake officially started his 4-day work week last week. So he had Friday off. And of course, I had to work. :-/ 'Tis life. This week he has Wednesday and Thursday off. And, of course, I work. Most days I don't get home until after 7pm so we won't really see each other all day. But we'll get to sleep in together :)

Now, you are going to wonder why I'm writing this next topic. But I think that it's an interesting experience to write about... for the first time ever, last night I had to peel and devein shrimp in order to cook it for dinner. The entree ended up being a shrimp scampi type meal and it was delicious. But shelling and deveining 2lbs of shrimp was not only time consuming, but disgusting. If you know anything about shrimp and having to devein a shrimp you know that deveining is basically taking out the shrimps intestines/poo. Yea, yuck. Tell me about it. Next time I have to cook shrimp I am spending the extra money to get the already shelled and deveined bag!! It was a delicious dinner... it was just my first time deveining shrimp. And being grossed out by shrimp. It's my favorite seafood so it was a little disheartening to have to put all that work into making it and being grossed out by it. I'm sure I'll get over it fairly quickly but it's one of those experiences you should document. I mean, how much more grown-up can you get to deveining and cooking raw shrimp and having it turn out deliciously and not cutting off a finger in the process?? Thank God, I didn't have to cut off the heads too. I would have thrown in the towel and just ordered pizza...

Other updates? Jake and I are officially in the hundreds for our countdown to the wedding!!! We are super thrilled about this and are getting very excited for our big day. Getting a wedding dress has made the whole experience of wedding planning so much more real and exciting. Plus, we're just over 6-months away from the wedding!! Getting sooooooooooooo close.

We went to the movies on Friday night... Jake and Jason saw Paranormal Activity 2 and I saw Eclipse again. I feel so grown-up--seeing a movie all by myself. Technically I wasn't totally by myself because I didn't go by myself, but I did go into the theater alone while Jake and Jason went in to see their movie. Yea, I don't do scary movies--especially ones about demons and stuff like that. No thank you. I love the Saw movies, but I don't do that paranormal stuff... I like to sleep at night, thank you very much. Anyway, the boys enjoyed it and I enjoyed seeing Eclipse again :)

And, that is about it...

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