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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bittersweet holidays approach

This week has been quite a sad one for Jake and I. On Saturday morning, Jake's grandma passed away. So, as we've been preparing for the holidays, we've also been preparing to get Jake to Michigan to attend the viewing and funeral. You ask why I am not accompanying him?? Well, my family is in town for Thanksgiving until Sunday and we are not financially able to send both of us to MI at this time. However, I will be with Jake and his family in my thoughts and prayers and the family is being very understanding through it all. Jake will be leaving tomorrow evenings (T-day) to go up to MI for 4 days--the viewing is this Friday and the funeral is on Saturday.

Jake's grandma passing away is a very sad thing for me as well. And for my family. See, Jake's grandma and my grandpa knew each other long before Jake and I were even around--my grandpa was Jake's grandma's boss when she worked at a Ford factory in Detroit. My grandpa has nothing but fond memories of Jake's grandma and says that she was one of his best workers. Also, when our grandparents both had sailboats, they were parked next to each other. Even before Jake and I met, our families were already intertwined as friends :) If you believe in fate, you understand where I am going with this. Although, it never fails to amaze me how small the world actually is. You feel sooooo small in the world and then something happens that reminds you that everyone is connected in one way or another.

Anyway, I remember the first time that I met Jake's grandma--it was at Jake's high school graduation. I was already there with my grandparents and my mom and Jake's grandparents came walking in and Jake's grandma noticed my grandpa and yelled his name (it had been years since they had seen each other) and everyone hoped that they did indeed know each other. Every time that I saw Jake's grandmother after that, she would tell me about working with my grandpa and how great of a boss he was and to tell them hi. And my grandparents did the same. Jake's grandma was always welcoming, friendly, caring, warm and had a sincere laugh and sense of humor. She was a great woman and will be greatly missed by all those whose lives she touched by her presence. I know though, she is in a better place now and at peace.

I'm super sad that I won't be able to be at the funeral on Saturday since I consider her a part of my family now too. But, as I was packing Jake for the weekend (I've been trying to take some of the weight off his shoulders), I wrote him a card of support and love for him to read on the day of the funeral :) Shhhhh, don't tell him!! [He doesn't really read this, so I'm not worried about him seeing it before Saturday...] I hope that it helps him through the day and his time in Michigan. I hate not being able to be there for him... that's really killing me. At least he understands. And everyone else does too.

Much love and thoughts and prayers go out to Jake's family in their time of pain and healing. xoxo

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