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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Insert Clever Title Here...

I meant to update on Monday because it was the 6-month mark until the wedding. I mean, OMG, can you believe it?! We're finally getting married!! I has a momentary mini anxiety episode on Monday (I don't want to say attack, because it wasn't that, just, anxious) about the wedding because it's getting sooooooo close and I feel like I haven't done anything in so many months that I'm going to have to rush to get it all done. The reality of it is that I have plenty of time but as it gets closer I get excited and nervous and anxious. I fear that as the day gets closer I am going to have a nice little bundle of excited-nervous-anxious butterflies constantly floating around in my stomach.

Anyway, half a year until the wedding [well, now a little less]. I can't believe how time has flown by!!

In other news, Jake and I started a new bible study at the church called The UNION. It's for newly wed couples and engaged couples and basically all-things marriage related are discussed. I know, maybe we're overdoing it with all the marriage "prep" stuff, but honestly, it's made our relationship grow sooooooooo much. And when we're doing something like this together, I feel like we're unstoppable. I think that Jake feels the same way [I wish I could get him to chime in sometimes too... he has access to the blog...]. We're also taking steps to become members of the church. Yea, wow! Never thought that I would say that. But it's great and it makes me feel good to be a part of something :) Last Sunday we had lunch with the Family Minister and his wife and then we went to a VIP dinner for visitors to the church that have expressed an interest in church membership. This Sunday we will go to a meeting about how to become a member.

Jake and I are trying to get used to us both working. It sucks because I haven't been getting home any earlier than 7:30pm (mostly after 8pm) and Jake has been working extra long hours with this new 4-day workweek thing that they have going on. He's supposed to only work four 10-hour days, but he's been working 13-14 hours per day and also going in on a lot of his days off. It's a huge adjustment because we hardly see each other anymore. I hate that we are down to one car right now but it's also a bit of a God-send because I've had to get up in the morning [might I add the butt-crack of dawn time of morning] to drive Jake to work so that I can get to my job. It's a God-send because commuting gives us some extra time together in the day that we wouldn't have if we had the 2 cars. Well, we still have 2 cars, Jake's little 1985 BMW is out of commission at the moment... Yea, that car is as old as me.

So. That's life for us right now in a nutshell.

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