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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Engagement Rings

Yes, I said ringS. Plural.

I have gotten a few questions from people that have seen pictures of us lately that shows Jake wear a ring. Some people have asked us if we have gone out and gotten secretly married and some people have just asked why he wears a ring.

Let me explain.

And before I start, no, we did not go out and secretly get married. We are still very much unmarried. We're impatiently waiting for the big day... I believe we're in the 140's now but I haven't checked in a few days.

Anyway, when Jake and I started planning the wedding, like really started planning the wedding after I graduated, we went to Shane Co. (where my e-ring is from) to look for a wedding band to match my ring. After spending at least 2-hours at Shane Co. trying to find the perfect band, which we found one that I liked, we looked at men's bands. Jake didn't find one that he loved but on the way home he expressed an interested in wearing an engagement ring too. It wasn't a selfish thing, it was more about being committed to each other already and wanting to show everyone how excited he was that we were finally engaged and planning a wedding. Jake really is one of a kind, a great catch because after 8-years of being together, he is still super excited about getting married :)

So, after our discussion, I decided to surprise him with a "man-gagement ring". Did you know that Michael Buble (one of my favorite singers!) wears an engagement ring too? So, I have a healthy obsession with Etsy in which is a website where people sell things that they make. I've found a lot of great things for the wedding including our cake topper, toasting glasses, etc. So I found a seller that makes titanium wedding bands and found the perfect one for Jake--and later surprised him with it. It wasn't a proposal or anything, but it was a nice gift :) The seller is titaniumknights and they were fabulous to work with!! Here is Jake's ring:

And guess what? Jake loves it! And he wears it proudly :) And he's fallen in love with it and isn't sure that he wants to replace it with a new one on our wedding day... but that discussion is still up in the air.

So the moral of the story is that we aren't secretly married. We have not gone to the court house nor anything else. We haven't even gotten our marriage license yet!! When our friends and family come to the wedding in May, they will be there to see us finally being married. We wanted to do it right :)

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