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Friday, December 17, 2010

Feel Good Friday: It's the Small Things that Matter


Some things this week that have made me feel good:

1. My gym membership. After my membership at LA Fitness expired, I went in search of a new gym. What I ended up with is not really a new gym to me but it's someplace different to work out. I contemplated joining the YMCA, but it's super expensive (isn't it supposed to be family and budget friendly?) or rejoining LA Fitness (long story short, my aunt and uncle got me the membership, it expired and I had to pay for the fees to sign up again--which was too much for me to do at once). I ended up at an all women's gym (Women's Premiere Fitness) in which I absolutely love. I don't feel judged, the showers are beautiful (yes, it matters!) and I get a robe and comfy slippers to use while I'm getting ready after my workout. What more can you ask for? Oh, and can I tell you about my guilty pleasure of sitting in the sauna after a workout. OMG, pure warm bliss. Especially on some of the cold days we've been having. Best investment ever! (EDIT: The gym isn't new to me because when I worked at a local daycare, I had a free membership to WPF.)

2. Jake has been leaving me notes in the morning before he leaves for work. Need I explain this more and why it makes me happy? His car is finally running and he is able to drive to work so we aren't "carpooling" anymore. It's nice for me because I get to sleep in (#3) but we don't get that morning time to spend together. Especially since I work such late hours at work... Anyway, it's super sweet and makes my waking up that much more sweeter. It's always a blessing to wake up in the morning (there are no guarantees!) but to wake up with a cute note that says that he was thinking about me is awesome :)

3. Being able to sleep in. I get to wake up slowly, go to the gym, and then head to work sometime between 12-2:30.

4. Christmas bonus/gift from work. Need I say more??

5. Christmas shopping online for 2 family members that live out of state and them being shipped ASAP without me paying extra for fast shipping. Which means I can rest easy knowing that they should get their gifts before Christmas if shipping isn't somehow delayed by an act of God. I ordered one gift Wednesday night, it shipped yesterday afternoon. I ordered another gift on Thursday morning and it shipped several hours later. Now I just have to finish up my Christmas shopping and and get things shipped. :-/

This Feel Good Friday was taken from Erika :)


  1. Don't you love Christmas bonuses and shopping online?
    And loving notes and sleeping in?

  2. Thank you for participating!!!

    Also for reminding me that I had 2 gift cards to order online today! I forgot.

    I never sleep in. I get up at 5:30 every day!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I'm so glad that I was able to remind you :) I didn't get nearly as much shopping done as I wanted today (I was super slow at moving this morning) but I should get everything done tomorrow if I'm ambitious!!

    If I didn't get to sleep I would be a horribly cranky person :P I need my 8+ hours of sleep or else I just can't function. Usually, I try to get more than that... I wish that everyone had the ability to sleep in!! Although, if I could get up everyday at 5:30, I'd be more productive :P

  4. what a lovely post :) and can i just say how glad i am that you blog too?! we need to double date soon! have a super friday & i will see you sunday AM ... PS, i'm now dying to sit in a sauna!


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