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Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Festivities

Jake and I had our first holiday festivity on this past Friday--a road rally with our bible study group. For both of us, it was our first road rally and was a ton of fun!! We are really loving the people that we are meeting at the church and are really looking forward to creating some great relationships with other young couples in the church.

Anyway, the road rally was a ton of fun. Each car had 2 couples in it and we started in various places around town. We had a packet of questions/clues that we had to answer and/or find and several road blocks. Our first road block was to stop at Walmart and pick up $15 worth of supplies to decorate our gingerbread house when we got back to the church. We picked up fake money, a magazine and Monopoly. I'll post pictures below for you to see what we came up with :P

Some of the other road blocks included the memorization of a office park's roadside signage, a fitness "test", a Christmas story quiz (in which we are soooooo lucky we teamed up with Neal and Judith because Neal was reciting things like it was nobody's business!! Jake and I are just getting into reading the bible and becoming familiar with it, so we didn't know as much), and a couple other things as well. It was a blast!! I just wish that I would have taken more pictures...

Judith was our designated frosting person :)

We also went to the church's Christmas Packages Festival--which is totally aimed at families with children, but I wanted to go to check it out and start off the holiday season. Also, I wanted to go for the Christmas pictures. Jake and I have never had professional pictures completed and since we are waiting to do our engagement photos for the early spring months before we get married, I thought it would be nice to get something like this done. They turned out great!! Once I get them scanned into the computer, I'll share.

Anyway, the church had a live nativity scene which was awesome. The children put on the nativity scene and told the Christmas story. It was very neat. I told Jake and this is the first Christmas where I don't feel like something is missing--not that my Christmases were ever bad or sad or anything along those lines. But they were missing meaning. I grew up with some religion and some meaning behind Christmas, but this is the first year that I truly understand it and really accept it into my life. I finally have that full Christmas feeling--and it's not from eating too many cookies or holiday meals. Anyway, here is a picture from that evening:
And, live real reindeer. Yes, the front left one is missing one of his antler... he was getting a little feisty with the reindeer next to him and they kept fighting. lol.

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