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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Picture

Can you believe that in the 8-years of being together that Jake and I have never had a professional picture taken? Well, we have, but that was prom(s) when we were in high school. I don't even have any from mine (which I'm glad! I had a horrible dress) but I still keep a picture frame from Jake's prom on one of our dressers in our bedroom.

I mean, look at us!!

How cute are we? Young love :) And I loved this dress!! I think that it's still at my grandparents house somewhere, but I could be wrong. Not that I could fit into it anymore... All I remember from that night is dancing the night away and having a blast. I'm pretty sure it was a much better time than my own prom a year before (which Jake also went to with me!).

Anyway, so when the church had a holiday festival and they were advertising family photographs, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get our picture taken professionally for the first time. So, away we went to the church to enjoy the festival and to get our picture taken. This is the result:

I think that it turned out great :) By next year's holiday picture, heck, by the time we get our engagement pictures done in the spring, I hope to not be so... fluffy. Grad school was definitely not nice to my weight. :-/ Stress and no time to do anything except school work would do that to you. Although, I am mostly to blame for letting myself go... Hopefully I can get some of it off by the wedding!!

Anyway, I hope that you like our holiday picture. We are quite pleased with it!! It is framed and on our entertainment center.

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