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Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Highlights

Christmas this year was awesome. For the first time in my life, I didn't feel like Christmas was missing anything. Not that Christmases in my past were horrible or really lacking anything -- Christmas actually held meaning this year as Jake and I have been going to church and accepted God into our lives. It's not that Christmas didn't mean the birth of Jesus before to us (or each of us individually), it's just that this year was extra special because of our involvement with our bible studies and church. I know that I'm not explaining it very well but I'm having a hard time grasping the words to explain it to you all. All that I can say to you all to sum it up is that we have fully realized that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Anyway, as I've already mentioned in a previous post, we got a new Christmas tree this year that replaced what we call our Charlie Brown tree (it was a good starter tree!).

I baked this year... but I have a confession to make. They weren't from scratch as I usually make my Christmas cookies from. They were tube bought... ::shrugs:: I wasn't feeling the whole baking thing this year but the cookies turned out great (they were delicious!) and I decorated them myself.

Here are some pictures from Christmas 2010!!

Me and my little sister, Tara

Tamales for Christmas Eve dinner -- Thanks to my Aunt's Mexican heritage :)

Jake was Santa's helper.

There were soooo many stockings Christmas morning!

The tree and all the presents!

The other half of the presents -- and my cousin waiting patiently for everyone to wake up so that they could open presents!

View of the pool and lake on Christmas morning from my Aunt and Uncle's house.

Jake and I Christmas morning in our Christmas PJs <3

My Uncle telling the kids the Christmas Story. We then proceeded to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Such a sweet moment.

This is how Jake labeled all of my presents he got for me -- each one differently of course. lol.

Jake didn't believe the chaos that pursues with my side of the family. There is wrapping paper and gifts everywhere. Really, it's pure craziness!!

Next year, Jake and I hope to be renting a house in the area and will be able to really decorate and go crazy for the holidays. Okay, Jake isn't hoping for all the decorating, that would be me!! lol. We are hoping for a house to rent though for more space and everything!!

It was a good Christmas :) Can't wait to celebrate with the other side of the family next year. Which will be fitting as our first Christmas as husband and wife!! yay!!

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