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Monday, January 31, 2011

Couponing Journey

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have started to buy the Sunday paper every week and am cutting out the coupons. Well, today while I was couponing (as I shall call it!), I had this ephinany. Why in the world am I shopping at Publix or Kroger when I could be shopping at the local SuperTarget and getting 5% off my grocery bill each week!? Duh... I mean, why did I not think of this before!?

Why do I get 5% off my total when I shop at Target? Well, I have their debit card. This shouldn't surprise you since if you know me, I am totally addicted to Target and it's my favorite store in the entire world. And it's not because I worked there once upon a time, even though it was the best job that I have ever had yet.

Don't worry, I'm not ruining my credit or anything. And definitely not going into debt because of having a Target card--Jake and I are totally staying away from anymore unnecessary debt and trying very hard to work ourselves out of debt. Basically, the Target Check Card is basically what it says it is. It's linked to our bank account and is used like a debit card. AND, every purchase we make we get 5% off our total bill :) You can apply here (make sure you select the Target Debit/Check Card and not the credit card!).

Can't go wrong, right??

Anyway, the SuperTarget is a little out of the way for grocery shopping, but if I coupon and get 5% off my grocery bill each time I go, it's gotta be worth it, right?? I am going to try that this week and see what happens. I'm hoping to save a lot of money :)

I'm also looking for a new way to organize my coupons. Right now I don't have any organization to them at all and have been researching ways to do it... but haven't found anything that stuck out. There may be a prospect though... A blog that I follow, Free Pretty Things For You, posted a giveaway today from an Etsy store that is giving away a gift certificate for one of their products. And low and behold they have this fabulous little coupon organizer:

Etsy seller: jimmypickles
Ahhhh! I want it soooo much :) I absolutely adore the owls.

I keep meaning to write about how I'm changing the blog. Another time! I've got a lot of ideas up my sleeves and am excited to get the blog organized!!

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