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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowed In - 2011

It's incredible to me as I grew up in the mid-west that when it snows or ices in Georgia that the whole citystate shuts down until it melts. On Sunday night it started snowing--I mean, really snowing. It was coming down so hard that while Jake, Jason and I were outside playing in it, it was stinging our faces as we walked through it and making us into live snowmen because it was just settling on us. In a matter of 2 or so hours, we had 4 inches and got about 6-7 inches total by morning.

I know all my northern friends are going, really?? But here in the good 'ole south, snow and ice really paralyzes the state. For example, for the past two days we have been stuck in our apartment. Even Jake's dealership closed down!! And to put things into perspective for our northern friends -- the mall has been closed for the past 2 days. Amazing, huh? What would it have taken to close anything in Michigan or Illinois?? I swear we still went to school if there was a foot of snow on the ground. But here, everything closes. Everything shuts down until the ice is off the road and the snow is gone and it's warm enough to not worry about it.

The current problem is that Atlanta has 8 total salt trucks and half of them are broken down!! So you can imagine what kinds of problems we are having here... And not only that, but they aren't even plowing the roads--they are just salting which is causing slush and more water which is freezing again. ::shakes head:: Us northerners need to teach these southerners how to deal with this!!

So, I am proud to say that Jake, Jason and I went outside to play in the snow. It was like 11pm when we finally noticed that it was coming down (even though we knew it was coming) and got on layers of clothing and went outside. It was fun. We tried sliding down some of the hills on some of our plastic container lids, but the snow was too heavy and not slick enough. I'm sure if we went out today or yesterday, then it would have worked.

Here are some pictures from the first night it snowed.

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