How different our lives are when we really know what is deeply important to us, and keeping that picture in mind, we manage ourselves each day to be and to do what really matters most.--Stephen Covey

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why must weekends fly by?

Not that this weekend really felt like a weekend. After 3 days of not working due to snow and ice which resulted in a 5 day "vacation" for the kids that I nanny--this week is all screwed up. And on top of that, I worked Saturday and Sunday too--I "babysat"supervised last night from 6pm-12:30am and then had to be back to work today at 10am for an overnight supervision. I'll be here until 7pm tomorrow night :-/ LONG work day. I'm already looking forward to next weekend.

What I'm pretty bummed about today is that we missed our bible study (Jake didn't want to go alone) this morning and service. Okay, okay. We could have gotten our booties out of bed early and gone to the 8something service but after getting home at 12:30am and getting ready for bed and having to pack for my overnight work stay, I was not getting up any earlier than I had to. Especially since Jake worked on Saturday and I had a busy day as well--gym, Target, lunch with Jake, and grocery shopping (which always results in a cleaning of the fridge and kitchen and this time a reorganization of a couple cupboards.

So, I've had a little bit of inspiration for the blog. Either I am going to start a "newly wed" blog about my adventures about being a wife and eventually a mom -- sharing recipes and crafts and whatnot. Or I am going to transition this blog into that. I am thinking the latter. I am very excited as I search for DIY projects to decorate our house (that we don't have yet...) and am excited to really dive into decorating our home. I'm also very excited to get out of apartment living and am hoping that we can find a house to rent or lease to purchase after the wedding. I have my fingers crossed but I know that God will lead us in the right direction when it comes to that time. All I know is that we need a larger apartment and one way or another will be moving this summer or fall ::groans::

As far as the blog goes, I'll be posting updates about Jake and I as we transition into our married life (although, I suspect it won't be much different than it is now... which isn't a bad thing!) as well as pictures of crafts and meals and whatnot. I *think* this is what I want to do with the blog :) I think it'll be fun. I'm just excited about being excited about being crafty again and want to share all the projects I will be doing.

Anyway, not a whole lot to update on. Jake officially transitioned into his new work schedule at work -- he alternates 4 day work weeks with 6 day work weeks (or it could be 5 & 6) and has his own team again. Oh!! We officially paid off my wedding band and will be able to pick it up on Friday. One thing that will be checked off the wedding checklist :) Don't worry, I won't be wearing it, but I am excited to see it against my engagement ring all sized and everything!! It's getting so close and I'm getting so anxious. So much to do and so little time to do it!! lol. It's going to be great!

So, I am off. Wanna get the kids to bed fairly early because although they don't have school tomorrow, we are getting up early to be out of the house by 9am to go to breakfast because the cleaning people will be here then. I want to be away from the house while they are cleaning and don't want the kids underfoot. We're going to breakfast and a movie :) Fun times... although, I'm not looking forward to getting up early. I'm tired.

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