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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Couponing Journey: An Update

The couponing journey continues on...

On Sunday Jake and I went to Publix to get their special double newspaper deal (and lunch!) so that I could get double the coupons. Let me tell you how tedious it is to cut out coupons... I didn't do it on Sunday because we were busy but I did it on Monday or Tuesday in between my tasks at work. I'm not sure I am digging buying 2 newspapers to cut coupons out of... A friend suggested that I date the coupon booklet and put it in an accordion folder and then clip the coupons that I need for grocery shopping. I'm at a loss of what would be easiest for me. Perhaps I should try it both ways? I mean, I like having the coupons already cut out for me when I make up my grocery list...

Anyway, so as I mentioned in my previous post about shopping at a SuperTarget to save money (I get 5% off my total purchase if I use my Target check card). Well, I finally got the chance to go grocery shopping this week and took the nice little drive to the closest SuperTarget to me.

Before I share my results, I'd like to preface my grocery total with the fact that there are 3-grown adults living in the house and I haven't been grocery shopping in 2-weeks which means that we were bare on just about everything. And, I have this awful sore on the roof of my mouth (it's like a blister--I got it from eating dry cereal ::rolls eyes::) so I had to get some Peroxyl, which was $10 alone (yuck!!). I also needed other household things (laundry softner, toothpaste, etc.) which makes a difference when I usually only buy groceries when grocery shopping. I refuse to buy anything other than groceries at the grocery store as everything is overpriced at the grocery store--the exception is Target :)

So, here is my savings:

Pretty impressive, huh? I realize that this is partially coupons, my 5% off, and in-store sales, but I was pretty excited about this!! I wish that I could have just done a regular shopping trip for our first trip (we would have probably spent only $100 for the week) and seen savings like that!! I'm trying to get it to be like that. I have this goal this year to learn how to coupon. Any advice or suggestions that you may have, I'm willing to listenread.

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