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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I know that in the last week or so I haven't been updating... If you can remember, I spilled water all over my laptop (well, actually my water bottle did so in my bag--my bad for carrying the two items together in one bag...) and just haven't had my laptop to update. We have a desktop as well, but it doesn't have all my stuff on it. All our pictures are on my laptop (and on my external harddrive!) and everything is signed in on my laptop. Anyway, as I was sitting down to update my dear 'ole blog here, our doorbell went *ding ding* and lo and behold my laptop arrived. I haven't opened it yet to see if they had to reformat it or anything, but they did have to replace my keyboard--which is weird since the water damage was on my screen. Whatever, they are the "experts". 

Not a whole lot has been going on. Jake has his "preview" yesterday at Savvi Formalwear for his suit. Everything is going to come together soooooo nicely!! And, just so you all know, my fiance is going to be super sexy on our wedding day :) To all our groomsmen: Please get fitted and send in your measurements as soon as you can!!

Did you hear about the iPhone coming to Verizon finally!? 

I thought the day would never come but I am super excited. I loved my Droid X and loved the Android operating system, but I was very bummed about the amount of apps that my iPod Touch had compared to my Droid phone. I was also super excited about having the PageOnce Pro app downloaded when they had a free offer during the beginning of the year -- it organizes all our bills and bank accounts and has push notifications when things are due, when our bank account has deposits and also when it's reaching a low balance. It's awesome!! But, I would have had to pay for it on my Droid -- and it's regularly a $12.99 app!! Anyway, long story short, Jake was due for an upgrade and he graciously let me update to the iPhone and he took my Droid X. Don't I have the best fiance ever!? Now I have Weight Watchers, all my playlists and PageOnce at my fingertips at all times!! 

Yea, I'm spoiled :P

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day all my dear followers, friends and family. Jake and I don't have anything planned -- we like to not deal with the crowds so next weekend we will go and get some yummy Greek food but Jake gave me my V-day gift early (on Friday!) because he couldn't wait. 

How awesome is this bracelet:

Does Jake not know me?? Now I have Chicago close by at all times!! He's so sweet!

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