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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saving Money by using Groupon

Yesterday I stated that I am no longer a Groupon virgin. In a matter of 3-days, I have purchased 3 deals from Groupon--yea, it's that awesome. Basically, for those of you that don't subscribe to Groupon (or have an app on your phone for it), you need to. It's really that simple. Let me give you the low-down:

First, you get information about a Groupon in your area--basically, it's a deal in your city or nearby city for a local place of business. You can get information on if Groupon is available in your area via the Groupon website--there is also a Facebook page, Android and iPhone app, Twitter, and email alerts. After the deal is announced, you decide whether or not it is something that you are interested in purchasing. Most of the deals are not "active" until a certain number of people purchase them, hence being called a Groupon :P Before you buy the deal, it tells you the value, the percentage saved and the amount of money you ultimately saved to help you see if it is worth your hard earned green paper.

Let me tell you about the awesome Groupons that Jake and I have purchased in the last 3 days (yea, we are addicted!):

The first one: 
The gym that I belong to offered a deal through Groupon for either a 50-minute massage or a body glow spa treatment. I purchased the deal for $35 which is actually valued for $75. I got a 53% discount on either spa treatment and ultimately will save $40. Which spa treatment will I pick? Well, naturally since I am getting married in less than 3-months, I'm getting the body glow treatment.

The day after I bought the spa treatment Groupon, the deal of the day was for Aurora Cineplex in Roswell, GA. The deal was $22 for a movie, mini golf, 2 medium popcorns and drinks for two. Valued for $50, which means we got a 56% discount and will ultimately save $28. Jake and I decided to purchase this deal because it'll make an awesome date night. And, it's someplace that we haven't been yet in the ATL so it's perfect :) We're always up for an adventure.

Tonight, I bought Jake a dental treatment to get his teeth whitened before the wedding. We paid $99, the deal is valued for $675 which means that we got a 85% discount and save $576!!!! Wholey moley, right!? I should get me one too!!

Seriously, you can't go wrong when you are saving money, right?? Especially when you are saving 50% on most of the deals that you purchase. I seriously suggest checking it out for your area... you will be amazed like we are :) I am still blown away by the dental treatment deal.

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