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Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank Goodness It's Friday

This week seemed to have dragged on forever. On Wednesday it felt like it was Thursday and yesterday just felt like a filler day of the week. I'm hoping that it won't be a late night at work. I'm ready to go home on this particularly yucky, rainy, cold day and curl up on the couch with Jake and watch movies. He's already at home, enjoying his Friday. Since Jake's work started the new schedule he worked a 6-day work week and then a 4-day work week. Needless-to-say, it's his 4-day work week :)

Do you remember this??
So on Wednesday night, I totally messed up my laptop. :-/ Well, it's not totally messed up and I'm on it right now but I did have a nice little oops that has taught me a lesson. Let me tell you that my laptop is almost a year old, but this is the second one that I've owned in the last 3-years because my first one got replaced (the motherboard kept going bad). So, technically, I've had a laptop in my hands for 3-years. That's 2 years of grad school and being carried around to school, Panera Bread, babysitting jobs, Chick Fil-A, etc. and not having anything happen to it that was major. It's been in various bags with water, soda, food, heavy books, ... you name it, it's probably been in the bag with my laptop.

All I have to say is, thank God I got the accidental care on my computer!! It covers oops such as mine--an opened water bottle in my bag. OOPS! Here is the proof that I am an idiot (and I have learned my lesson!!):

The water damage is drying out because the water mark is much smaller 2-days later. And luckily it didn't get on my motherboard and fry it because then I wouldn't have been able to backup everything on my computer before I sent it in to be repaired/replaced. Dell is fabulous and sent me an empty box to ship it to the repair center and I am sort of freaking out about not having my laptop for 10-13 days, but I'll get over that. Time to back it up and ship it off!

The irony of the story is: my accidental care and warranty is up in May. Thank goodness this happened now!!

Oh. And I'm on a soft food diet until my mouth heals. Seriously, I can't eat anything :( The food tasting at our venue is going to suck tomorrow because everything I eat really hurts the roof of my mouth... The good news is though, we're deciding on our menu for the wedding tomorrow!! yay!!

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