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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

UPDATE: Wedding Planning

It never fails to amaze me how close the wedding is getting. And it's weekends where we get a lot of things done related to the wedding that I start freaking out about how close it actually is and how much we still have to do. The to-do list is dwindling down and things are coming together nicely. I can't wait to share all the details with all of you on the big day--and for those of you that are my cyber-friends, after the big day. I am excited to see how all my DIY things will come together in the end :)

This weekend we dropped off our invitations to be printed. Originally we were going to do them ourselves at home but our printer is a bit dodgy (we have the worst luck with printers) and we wanted them to look perfect. We are very excited with our decision and we also saved $40 with a Groupon at Paper Affair. We spent as much as we would have printing them at home and they will turn out about 100 times better. Especially since we went with the thermography printing! For the past two days I've been going back and forth with Paper Affair with proofs for the invitation so it's exactly how we want it... it's getting there!!

Also, my wedding dress came in!! I mean, I tried on my dress at the bridal dress boutique and love it, but this is my dress. The one that I ordered. omg. Totally in love with it!! It's perfect and I am 110% that Jake is going to love it. I am excited for the big day so that I can wear it <3

Other than that, not a whole lot is new in the life of Liz and Jake. Just counting down the days until the day we become Mr. & Mrs. finally!! We are getting there.

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