How different our lives are when we really know what is deeply important to us, and keeping that picture in mind, we manage ourselves each day to be and to do what really matters most.--Stephen Covey

Thursday, March 3, 2011

God Never Blinks: Life Lesson #1

Yesterday I had to venture into the library for several reasons...

1. To drop off books that I read/didn't read but were due back.
2. To renew a book that I am currently reading and another that I plan on reading.
3. Because I lost my library card, I can't just renew them online :-/

As you walk into our local library, there is a shelving unit that has various notable books on it. I think they are supposed to be inspirational books, but most of the time the books that are up there make no sort of pattern to me. Anyway, the first book I saw was God Never Blinks: 50 Life Lessons for Life's Little Detours by Regina Brett. I though, "ooooooo, I love books like this" and decided to grab it and check it out.

Some of you may have gotten the Life Lessons as a forwarded email. I know I probably have, but I honestly can't remember. I mean, I've had an email address since I was like... 14? I don't even know. But I've had one for forever

I've decided to share each of the life lessons with all of my readers for 50 days. But I really suggest that you get the book--after each Life Lesson Regina Brett explains the Life Lesson with a story from her life. It's really inspirational and really easy to read.

So, here goes:

Life Lesson #1

Life isn't fair, but it's still good.

That my friends, is so true. Life isn't fair in so many different ways--cancer, death, financial struggles, relational problems, difficult decisions need to be made, etc. All summer I moped about trying to find a job. I graduated with my Master of Social Work degree and was eager [still am!!] to get into the field. However, with very little experience in social work aside from my internships, I was having a hard time finding a job. All summer I kept thinking that it wasn't fair--especially as my peers kept landing jobs and I was stuck behind (that is how I felt, still do sometimes). But you know what, I know that God has great plans for me and this is part of my learning. I know that when the time is right, a great job will fall into my hands and I will be able to do great things with it. But until then, I have to keep remembering that although life isn't fair, it's still good. I have a job, a great fiance [whom I am marrying in a short 66 days!!], a roof over my head, food on the table every day, great friends and family, and I am healthy and happy. I mean, it took me a long time to realize this, but my life is perfect the way it is. God intended for me to be at this place at this very moment in my life and I shouldn't ask for anything more because it will come to me when I am ready.

::triumphant sigh::

I got deep for a little while there. Bear with me, 49 more days and Life Lessons to go :)

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