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Monday, March 28, 2011

God Never Blinks: Life Lesson #6

Life Lesson #6:

You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

Need I explain this one?

I honestly think that agreeing to disagree can be one of the saving factors in any relationship. If you can learn to understand and accept that you and someone else will not always agree on something, then you not only will have a strong relationship but you will also be a much wiser and stronger person. Jake and I agree on mostly everything, but every now and then something comes up and instead of arguing about it until we're both majorly ticked off at each other, we agree on the whole concept of agreeing to disagree. And guess what? You'd be amazed at how much this can save you from having a complete relationship meltdown.

Come across someone that has to push their point and push their point and keep on pushing even after you have given up on trying to disagree? Well, they are just looking for an argument. And they haven't quite gotten the whole concept of agreeing to disagree and that people have different viewpoints. They don't mean it to be rude and mean, they just want to make sure they are heard and their point is understood. Simply try not to argue and if you can, walk away. Keep telling/asking them that you can agree to disagree. Seriously. It's not worth losing a friend. Or losing sleep. Or not talking for hours/days/months.

And then there is compromise. The secret ingredient in relationships--especially the most important relationships in your life (like your hubby, wife, girlfriend, etc.). It's really quite simple. You pick the restaurant, he/she picks the movie. You pick out the couch, he/she gets to pick out the recliner (because every man needs one. Or so I've been told...). It's going to be more difficult to compromise on the larger things--like where to live, which house you are going to buy, how many kids you are going to have. But compromise will save your relationship and make things a lot more enjoyable. Trust me on this.

What have you learned about agreeing to disagree? What are some compromises that you have made?

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