How different our lives are when we really know what is deeply important to us, and keeping that picture in mind, we manage ourselves each day to be and to do what really matters most.--Stephen Covey

Friday, April 8, 2011

1-Month Countdown

Ummmm. Yea. You read that right. Exactly one month until Jake and I get married.

Insane, right? In a good way!

I feel the pressure to get everything done now and have been contemplating and starting DIY projects this week. A few I have decided that we don't need. Which is okay. I am just ready to be married!! After this, I will be happy to never look at another bridal magazine in my life :P

Did I mention that I have to work on my vows? Oh, and finish Jake's groom's gift. Seriously, Jake keeps teasing me that he's already got his vows written and I don't... I'm procrastinating because I want to go the traditional route and am having a hard time coming up with something that is heartfelt but won't make our guests gag. Okay, maybe not gag, but I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable with our mushiness. I mean, after 8-years of being together, I think everyone knows how we feel about each other.

//end complaining.

Was that really complaining? Kind of, I guess. But I'm done. I'm sure that they will turn out beautifully when I sit down and do it. And I'm sure that Jake's will be too... it's just a major part of the whole wedding day that is making me insanely nervous and anxious because it's gotta be my creation and I have to say all of it in front of everyone. Traditional vows I could do. No problem. But, ahhhhhh. I am not a good public speaker. At all.

//really done with that subject.

Moving on...

I dropped my dress off for alterations today. Can you believe that we ordered my dress in a petite and I still have to get it hemmed a bit. Seriously, like 1/2 an inch. :-/ I don't even shop in the petite section in stores!! I am just going to say this about my dress: It is perfect. And beautiful. And I can't wait to wear it on the big day. Honestly, I was so sad when I had to take it off today. I am already dreading the fact that I have to take it off after the wedding and can't wear it for the rest of my life. Okay, that was a bit dramatic. Seriously though, I am absolutely in love with my dress. It fits perfectly and is going to look amazing when it is bustled and ahhhhhhhhhhh. Seriously, I can't wait to show you all!!

Anyway, I am still at work and should do something productive. Or at least look like I am being productive. Today should have been my last day here, but I haven't been given cases yet so I have decided to be flexible and stay for another week or so and be flexible until the family finds a replacement. Hopefully that is soon... and hopefully I get cases next week so I can be full-time by the end of May :)

I am going to end this with a little piece of wisdom: There is a reason why we, as humans, are older when we have teenagers. 

Goodnight everyone and have a great weekend. If you are a wedding guest and reading this, and you haven't RSVP-ed yet, please do so soon! I need all responses by April 17th and you can only make hotel reservations until April 15th for our special rate.

Much love!

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