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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I have to brag...

... about how awesome I am.

Usually Jake and I just pay our bills without questioning anything. But lately I have been contemplating cancelling our cable bill because honestly, it's not a necessity. Although, I'm pretty sure I would miss TLC. Not only is it not a necessity, but we were paying $120 of our hard earned dollars a month on basic internet (no high speed in this house!) and pretty much basic cable. No HBO, Showtime, Starz, anything. Just regular channels, super slow internet, and a HD/DVR package. Now, here is where I would admit that I would greatly miss our HD/DVR package, but I was willing to let go of it and turn to Hulu and Netflix for my entertainment.

So today I called Comcast. Here is how our conversation went:

... after all the automated crapstuff and verifying account info ...

How may I help you?

Well, we are just having a hard time paying our bill each month and we need to cancel our cable services.

Oh. ::pause:: Let me look to see if there are any current promotions that we can offer you.

- waiting -

We can offer you a combined cable and internet package for $69.99/month with high speed internet [score!] and free HD/DVR. That promotion would be locked in for 1-year and after one year you would pay $84.99/month for services.

That sounds perfect. We'll keep our service then!

Yep, I learned a very valuable lesson today: that it pays to ask for something or threaten to cancel your services. I wonder if this would work with Verizon?? Eh, probably not. They are definitely more rigid on their plans. Ah well, another step into me saving us money.

But, a special thanks to Comcast!! It's always awesome when they will work with you. I still think that $70 is expensive for cable, but at least we won't be losing our beloved DVR/HD tv :)

Have I mentioned the show Extreme Couponing on TLC?! Wholey moley!! These people are amazing. My goal is to get my groceries for super cheap some day too. It is a goal of mine. Yea, I lead a bit of a boring life, but I want to save me and Jake as much money as possible. And the more money we save the quicker we get out of debt and can get a house and save for retirement and someday have a beach house :P Okay, the beach house is my dream.

So, call your cable company and see what they can do for you to save you money. Threaten to cancel your service or better yet, go to another company. See what they will do for you!

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