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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cork & Canvas - My Birthday Celebration

Since we were out of town for my birthday (on our honeymoon), I decided to try and plan something with my friends here at home to celebrate. Normally I don't celebrate my birthday, but this year I really wanted to :) I decided that I wanted to go to Cork and Canvas. Basically, you go in on a day that you like a picture (or just reserve your spot for anytime) and the instructor/owner, Robin, walks you through the process to paint the picture. It was sooooooo much fun and I will definitely be going back.

It was so therapeutic, which is pretty important to me, especially in my field of work: social work/therapy. It was so relaxing (maybe it was the wine?) and I wasn't thinking about anything other than trying to get my picture right. I was so in the moment. It was awesome.

Here are some photos:

Did I mention that Jake came with me? He's such a sweet husband <3

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