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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Happy Day [aka: Our Wedding Day] -- 5/8/11

There are absolutely no words to describe how perfect our wedding day turned out to be. Honestly, I could not have asked for a more beautiful day weather wise and everything went sooooooooo smoothly.

If anything went wrong, I do not know about it. And I'm pretty sure I would like for it to stay that way.

My little younger brother, Jason, took this :)

One thing that everyone sort of wondered about and questioned me about, was seeing Jake before the ceremony. I know there are a lot of superstitious people out there that still believe that you shouldn't see each other the day of the wedding and before the bride walks down the aisle. But, for Jake and I, although this was our wedding day, we have been together for 8.5 years (well, 8 years and 4 months when we got married) and have already been living together. We wouldn't be moving in together after the wedding and learning all sorts of new things about each other--we would be going back to our life the way that we knew it before the wedding day. We would just be husband and wife, finally. Anyway, I for one knew that I was going to be a bundle of nerves and emotions the day of the wedding and part of the 'first look' for me was to help ease those nerves and emotions before I started down the aisle. And omg, I am sooooooooooooo glad that we did it the way that we did. I cannot wait to see the pictures and it was a super awesome and touching moment between us. I sort of teased Jake before I tapped him on the shoulder to turn around (which I am pretty sure got him a little tensed up before he was able to turn around) and there are no words to describe what happened when he turned around. It was like everyone around us completely disappeared and it was just Jake and I in the world. It was like this for our first dance too. I cannot get over how perfect it was :)

Most of all, I am excited to finally be married to my best friend, my high school sweetheart, the love of my life. We seriously have an amazing road ahead of us.

Here are some of my favorites from the night:

Credit to Sarah Tunstall Photography

Credit to Sarah Tunstall Photography

The Grandfather/Granddaughter Dance -- So incredibly special and emotional!!
Credit to Sarah Tunstall Photography
I am still waiting on our professional pictures, but I have a plethora of pictures on our Shutterfly share page. I will write another blog post about our little details later. I have a lot of little special touches from the big day!!

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