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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I haven't updated in awhile. Although, I am sure you all could see that without me pointing it out :P Just seemed like the most obvious opening...

Jake and I have officially been married for 3-months (yesterday). Time sure is flying by!! Other than getting married and our amazing honeymoon in Florida, this summer has basically sucked. Besides being grown-ups and not having a summer break anymore (anyone see a job in the school system for me in the future? As a school social worker? Yes, please!), I've been "sick" for the entire summer. Not sick as in ::cough, cough:: ::sniffle, sniffly:: but the kind of "sick" that no one understands or really sees as "sick".

You ask for me to explain? Well, here is me 2 weekends ago when Jake and my brother, Jason, went skydiving (uh, why didn't I go you ask? hahahahaha, no thank you. I am afraid of heights and that feeling of invincibility has long disappeared!!).
Yes, I don't look very sick, huh?
Jason & Jake after skydiving. Yea, they had fun!! I was waiting contently on the ground.
I don't look sick, do I? Aside from the nausea (I'm not pregnant!), loss of hair (yes, I am losing my beautiful, long, thick hair--insert tears here), heart palpitations, and general exhaustion, if you saw me out in public, you would not think that I am sick at all. Or at least feeling like complete crap about 90% of the time.  Yes, poor me. Poor Jake. I wonder if he still would have married me if her knew I was going to fall apart after the wedding?? He says he still would. I am the luckiest girl in the world, btw. He doesn't always understand that I'm not feeling well, but he is trying so. very. hard. And he has been extremely patient. Gosh, I love him. And I am the luckiest girl in the world (if you didn't catch it the first time).

Long story short: I have a nodule on my thyroid. And my thyroid levels are all sorts of messed up. First off, they think that I have hyperthyroidism, which I giggle at every. single. time. they tell me because I clearly have weight problems and I had the hardest time losing weight before the wedding. Seriously, I worked out and ate well for at least 6-8 months before the wedding and still did not lose a single pound. Yea, you read that correctly. I did not lose a. single. pound. It wasn't bothersome until I ended up barfing my brains out on the last night of our honeymoon and ended up sick for 3-weeks. They think I had a viral infection, but they honestly have no clue. They find out my thyroid levels were high, found the bump/nodule on my thyroid and referred me to the endocrinologist. The rest is pretty much history from here on out...

Today is the day of my thyroid uptake and scan. For the past 5 days I have been on a low sodium diet--this means, no eating out, no dairy and all home cooked meals. Isn't much of a change for me, but all we have in the house is iodized salt and lots of salt filled foods (like non-fresh meat--prepackaged chicken, beef, etc.). It's not that I can't eat salt--I can, just has to be non-iodized. So, it's been interesting. I think I've lost a couple pounds... oh! which reminds me, I lost 10lbs in the 3 weeks that I was sick. Go figure. A "jumpstart" to my weight-loss. Thanks body.

Anyway, I went earlier to the hospital this morning to take the little radioactive pill that will "light up" my thyroid for the scan. I have to go back at 2:30 for the actual scan and then back tomorrow morning for another scan. This will show how my thyroid is/is not working. I italicized 'is not' because I am assuming it is not functioning in the correct manner... it's all sorts of messed up. I'm not radioactive. The pill they gave me was not enough to take any precautions or anything along those lines. I am experiencing some mouth/throat dryness and my teeth felt very strange at first, but I have just been drinking lots of water and iced tea and bought some lemon drops to suck on to help with the dry throat.

Oh. And I got a new endocrinologist. He is moving much faster, is much more professional and actually had a game plan after meeting with me only once.

Welp, it's almost time for me to go back to the hospital. I feel like an escaped hospital patient today--I'm walking around with a lovely patient wristband on my wrist today :P Sooooooo fashionable.

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