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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh little thyroid nodule...

How is it possible that it is wrecking such havoc on my body?! Silly little nodule.

I had my doctors appt yesterday. It was pretty uneventful besides talking results from my thyroid uptake and scan and touching on options. The doc said my options are medication for now (not really great to be on them long-term) and surgery or the Radioactive Iodine Treatment for the long-term. He told Jake and I that we don't have to make a decision right now because he likes to "let his patients be on the medication and have their levels even out so that they aren't as fuzzy anymore". Man, let me tell you, I thought I was just getting old and couldn't remember anything or concentrate well. Nope, this little nodule is even causing me to have memory problems and trouble concentrating. It's been hard working with my clients in their therapy sessions... Anyway, Jake and I haven't made any big decisions about what we want to do yet. I am leaning toward surgery, Jake is leaning toward RAI. Both have their pros and cons. When I get caught up on my work and can concentrate better on making lists, I'll get them up here.

So, what I officially have is a toxic nodule. Basically, it is a growth (cyst) on my thyroid (the right side) that is over-producing thyroid hormones. The most notable symptoms for me have been the heart palpitations and noted tiredness/fatigue (I'm talking, bone tired here, not just being tired--sometimes in sessions with my clients I have to explain to them that my yawning is definitely not them or my lack of interest. They have all been very understanding and awesome about it but I haven't self-disclosed what is going on. I am sure that I will have to warn them when I decide which treatment we'll go through), as well as heat intolerance (there went my summer!), nausea and shaky-ness.

Other symptoms? Check here. I have most of them... minus the weight-loss. I experienced weight loss when I was sick right after the honeymoon and couldn't keep anything in me and wasn't eating much... but it has leveled out again and I haven't gained or lost.

Good news? As I mentioned before, I will be "cured" and will be able to start feeling "normal" again. I have an excuse not to work out (but I miss it). And, we finally have an answer of what the heck is going on with me. Only took almost 3-months!!

Anyway, we don't really have any other updates. We've been sort of laying low this summer due to all my health stuff. I told Jake that next summer better be amazing since we have completely missed out on this one... He said we'll see. We are trying to save up for our "amazing" honeymoon next year--although it will be our 1-year anniversary trip instead :P We'll see how that goes and what happens. I am so ready to move forward. I feel like things are held into place right now. Not fun. We are getting there though. Slowly but surely.

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