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Friday, September 16, 2011

100 Days 'til Christmas

Whoa, can you believe it!? I know, I know, let Halloween and Thanksgiving have their day but I love Christmas. No joke, we were sitting around watching TV last weekend and something came on the TV about Christmas, or at least reminded me about Christmas, and I asked Jake if we could put up our tree right now. He of course said absolutely not, but it was worth a try, right!? lol

Okay, I know. I'm pushing it here. But a girl can have a little excitement, right? I love the holiday season--the decorating, sending cards, giving gifts, baking, being with family. The smells. Need I say more??

Time to get busy :)

Oh, and time to start behaving. Not that I have any problems with this, lol.

Gotta start making lists:
- shopping
- gifts
- baking
- shipping
- crafts/DIY (instead of buying a new wreath this year, I'm going to make one. And I've found some really great projects I would like to do on Pinterest... My Pinterest)

And I found this great website/blog: 101 Days of Christmas. It's got ideas for baking, organizing and I'm sure decorating and anything else you can think of Christmas related. ::eek::

In good news, we have 100 days. That's 100 days to shop, plan and work on stuff. I don't really start getting all crazy about the holidays until Thanksgiving anyway.

I have no idea what the point of this post is. I guess I just saw it on Better Homes and Gardens facebook page and got excited and wanted to share it with everyone.

What are you excited about? Or dreading? Any plans for DIY projects?

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