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Friday, September 16, 2011

Clever ways to make a lists

I am one for thinking in the shower and when I am getting ready for the day. Usually, as something comes into my head, I run to my planner or a piece of paper and jot down the idea/thought/to-do/item to buy. And then I got this brilliant idea to just keep a dry erase marker in my bathroom to write things down as I think about them and then take a picture of it with my phone.

Please excuse the messy sink... 

I do however, have apps on my phone that I should probably use. Here is the thing: I am having a hard time going all-tech for everything. I still resort to my paper calendar for appointments and writing things down... BUT, I am excited for iOS 5 to come out. It's got a ton of fun new features and things that will probably convince me to give up my paper calendar/planner for good. Maybe.

I should say that it's amazing what our phones are capable of doing now!! In so many ways, they make our lives so much easier.

Here are some apps that I have attempted to use. I wish that I had reviews of them, but I haven't used any of them enough to write a good review, but I think that they all could be pretty awesome. Most of them I find too busy or I just prefer to write on a piece of paper because it's what I'm used to. Maybe I should challenge myself to go only tech for a week to see how it goes... I do keep both a paper and google calendar. It is double the work... we'll see.

 Remember the Milk - This one has potential for me to actually learn to love to use.
 LifeNotes To Do - A little too busy for me. I couldn't get into it.
Springpad - VERY busy. More for organizing ideas, notes, to-do lists, planning. I like simplicity.
Microsoft OneNote - Simple. But couldn't get into using it. Maybe I'm not meant to use an electronic device for my to-do lists/ideas/etc.
Has anyone else tried iPhone (or Android) apps for your phone? What was it? Could you get into it? Did it help? How do you make lists if not on your phone?

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