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Monday, September 19, 2011

Weight Loss - My Story

Here goes...

Here is a little bit about me and my weight loss thus far.

I've always been "over-weight". Never "normal" or skinny. Just average. The last time I can remember being close to a size 6 (which is what I have always thought of to myself as the perfect size for some reason) is probably in 6th grade, going into 7th grade. And I only remember this because I traveled across country with my grandparents to visit my aunt and uncle in Arizona and my aunt had her niece there as well visiting and my aunt took us shopping. I think it was the first time that I actually wore "grown-up" clothes (ya know, not from the kids section where clothes are S/M/L/XL--although now they have numbers) and the shorts my aunt bought me were size 6 shorts. After that, I didn't pay attention much because it didn't matter to me too much. I was definitely conscious of my size, but I was happy and I had friends and that's all that mattered to me.
Could I have been any more dorkier!? 1997 (I think)
After high school, I slimmed out that summer because I spent the entire summer sick. I had 2 bouts of colds that caused me to lose probably between 10-20lbs. Plus, we were moving. And then I got my first job in retail (Target, ftw!) and spent 8+ hours on my feet working. Definitely good for weight-loss--when I wasn't working, I was sleeping, so I wasn't eating much either. Then in early 2004, I knew that I was going to Hawaii that summer so I joined a local Bally's gym and started working out. I think that year I got down to a size 11/12 for the first time in forever and felt great!!
Jake & I - Prom 2004
Then, late 2004, I got braces. It was good for my weightloss because I wasn't eating a lot--if I ate, I had to brush my teeth (personal preference), and I wasn't allowed to eat a lot of different foods. PLUS, my teeth hurt!! I was still working out at the gym but then I moved away for college. I transferred to a college out of state and lived in the dorms. You know where I'm going with this, right?? Yea, cafeteria food = bad for those of us that weren't necessarily taught to make the healthiest decisions all the time. Or watch what we are eating. I by no means blame my mom for my weight. Back when I was growing up, there wasn't as much information on the processed crap that we were eating and people just didn't work out or worry about what they were eating like people do now. It was not mainstream and when you live in a lower middle class family where food is tight to begin with, healthy stuff is the least on your list of things to worry about.
Summer 2005 (I think)
I don't remember how much I weighed when I joined Sparkpeople and started to get serious about my weightloss. I just know that it was spring/summer 2005 and I think that my starting weight was up to 180lbs. Between 2005 and 2007, I went from a size 15/16, to a size 10 (an 8 on a good day) by working out 5 days a week before work and by taking a walk almost daily with the kids I nannyed, logging everything that I ate, and just making good, healthy food choices. I felt great, I felt like I looked great and I was happy and had confidence.
Nov. 2007
After college graduation, I moved away from not my favorite place in the world (Chicago) and my home-state (Michigan) with my then-boyfriend (now husband) to Atlanta, Georgia. I was in a new place with no friends or family, no knowledge of the area and just let myself go. I got a job at a local daycare that I got a free gym membership with (that I used) but I was also eating the school cafeteria's food (fatty, southern food) almost daily and definitely not watching what I was eating. I also think this is about the time that I started having problems with my thyroid, but it wasn't enough for them to be concerned about it. And then in Fall 2008, I started grad school.

Oh grad school. Yea, I stopped working out. I focused on school--I was a full-time student, with an internship, in a very demanding program. Seriously, when I wasn't at my internship or at school sitting in classes, I was at home working on papers, reading textbooks, or studying. I was too stressed to think about eating right. This is when I gained the majority of my weight back... I probably started school around 160lbs and graduated at 190lbs. Ugh. Then, after graduation I couldn't find a job and got depressed and totally lacked motivation for anything and hit my highest weight of around 203lbs.
June 2010
Around the end of September 2008, I finally found a job as a nanny. Not what I went to school for, that's for sure, but it was a job. And it paid the bills. And it paid for the wedding. Anyway, I joined a local woman's gym and started working out. I lost maybe 1lb the entire 8 months that I worked out for the wedding. But here's the thing: I wasn't logging my foods or paying attention to what I was eating and I thought I was eating "right" (okay, that's a lie, I thought I was eating "okay"). I was toning up a bit and lost some inches from working out, but my weight was not budging. Now I know why: I was/am having thyroid problems. I don't know if my thyroid wasn't working during this time or if it was simply my lifestyle choices. Honestly, it's probably a combination of both.

Since I'm in the middle of getting my thyroid stuff taken care of, who knows if I will lose weight. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Mid-October I have an appointment with an ENT to talk about surgery to remove the right side of my thyroid which has the nodule on it and hopefully that will be the end of my thyroid problems. I am praying that my thyroid will begin to work normally after the surgery and I will not be required to take any sort of thyroid medication for the rest of my life. It's hard to say what will happen, but I am just hoping and praying for the best.

So, here we are to today. Here are my goals:

Height: 5'3"
SW 09.19.11: 193
Total Pounds Lost: 0
Pounds Lost this Week: 0
Goal Weight: 130

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