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Friday, October 7, 2011

Planning for Halloween

Can I just tell you that I hate Halloween!? I have no idea why. Nothing bad has ever happened to me on Halloween... I guess I just dislike it. And I feel like I'm too old to enjoy it without having kids of my own. Perhaps I'll enjoy it more when I have kids? And I hate dressing up. Seriously??

But, Jake and I have been invited to a Halloween party which is costume mandatory (ugh!) and Jake really wants to go. So, we're going. It'll be fun to do something, well, fun.

Jake is planning on being Robin William's character, Alan Parrish, from Jumanji when he first comes out of the game after being trapped in the game for decades. We'll see... he may change his mind.

This is a screen shot of the video trailer which can be found here.
I'm planning on being an owl. Here is my inspiration:

Tutorial can be found on Alpha Mom's blog.
Tutorial can be found on A Beautiful Mess Blog.
Cool, huh? I plan on incorporating both styles and tweaking the costume to be my own. Like buying a hate from a local JCPenney that is an owl face :) And it's so cute that it'll get multiple uses. Especially since I am obsessed with owls.

I'll post my own tutorial and pictures when it's complete!! I'm actually excited for Halloween now.

Maybe I'll actually give out candy this year to kids in our apartment complex. We'll see... that may be pushing it for me right now.

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