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Monday, October 3, 2011

Weight Loss - Week 2

I didn't do so great this week...

Monday through Wednesday I had some really bad chest pains... I went to the doctor on Thursday, but the last time this happened and I went to the doc regarding chest pains, they did an EKG told me everything was normal and "talked to me" (more like lectured me) about anxiety. Let me tell you, I know what anxiety feels like. I've had it for most of my adult life, have been on meds for it (not currently), and have had several anxiety attacks. This was different chest pain.

Anyway, the first time, my PCP made me feel like I was completely insane so I didn't even want to go this time but although the chest pain was "getting better", it was freaking me out. So I went to the urgent care/PCP office that Jake usually goes to. Omg, they are so much nicer!!! From the front desk to the doc that saw me. They did another EKG (which was normal) and basically asked me about anxiety. I told them that it feels different than anxiety and explained my symptoms--chest pain, heartburn type feelings, a pain like you get when you hold in crying, a little bit of tightness... So they put me on Prilosec. And I have a referral to a GI doctor if it doesn't get better. The endocrinologist doesn't think it's related to the Tapazole, but some research I've done has shown that it could be a side effect. Luckily, my appointment to the ENT has been moved to this coming Thursday (from the 19th originally!!) because they had some cancellations, so I'll be talking about surgery and moving forward with that.

Seriously, I'm racking up not only my own personal pharmacy but my own group of doctors. Lovely.

I am feeling better. I'm feeling like I should buy stock in Tums though because I'm eating 2-3 of them at least 3-5 times a day... And I don't even like Tums. But I'm sucking it up and eating them because they alleviate some of the symptoms.

Soooooo, I lost 0.4 pounds this week. I wasn't really following my meal plan and I didn't get to start exercising much... the chest pain really scares me because it sometimes feels like my heart but I am pretty sure it's heartburn. I guess any weight loss can be counted, but it could just be water weight or weight fluctuation. But I'll take it.

Hopefully this week will be much better.

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