How different our lives are when we really know what is deeply important to us, and keeping that picture in mind, we manage ourselves each day to be and to do what really matters most.--Stephen Covey

Friday, December 9, 2011


Yesterday Jake and I celebrated our 9-years of being together--and 7-months of being married. We didn't do anything special, so I wouldn't exactly call it "celebrating", but I think 9-years of being together definitely deserves some recognition and celebration. We've been together for longer than a lot of people have been married. And we've gone through our twenties together and gone against the grain of what the twenties is "supposed to look like". We've been through 2 different periods of long-distance dating. We stayed together during college. Jake supported me during my masters program. And lately, we've been dealing with all my sickness.

Seriously, if there is a husband of the year award, can I sign Jake up??? He definitely deserves it this year.

I wish that I had a ton of relationship advice. But mostly what has gotten us through 9-years of ups and downs is dedication, communication, and trust. And, of course, love. And that is what will get us through all the years we have ahead of us, married. Although, we treated our dating years as we will treat our married years. Our relationship during our dating years was just as cherished as our vows to be during our marriage. That is what held us together during the 8.5 years of dating before we got married--we weren't fickle, we weren't interested in "what else is out there", all we knew is that we loved each other, thought we were perfect for each other and worked through it. We're not the norm. We go against the grain when it comes to relationships in our generation. We are more old-fashioned, wanting a long, happy, loving life together. It won't always be easy (as we have discovered in the last 6 months due to my health), but we are there for each other always.

It was easy for us to go from our dating life into our married life. There was no adjustment. In our eyes, we were already "married" and were just waiting for it to be socially accepted and have the little piece of paper indicating our marriage date. We won't do anything big for our dating anniversary anymore since we are married, but 9-years of being together definitely deserves to be recognized and celebrated. Especially since, in a time when divorce is all too easy and accepted, we have made it longer than a lot of marriages. That is an accomplishment.

So what did we do? I cooked up some split pea soup in the crockpot and we watched "The Biggest Loser" from this week that we had DVRed and just cuddled on the couch. Simple. Besides, I'm not quite eating normally again yet and if we were to go out to dinner, I'd want to get some sushi and we prefer to go on Monday/Tuesday for 2 for 1 sushi :) It was a perfect night in for us. We're aren't very crazy to begin with...

So, here a Happy 9-years of Being Together to my amazing, hubby-of-the-year in my heart, husband!! <3 Here is to many more years of "us".

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