How different our lives are when we really know what is deeply important to us, and keeping that picture in mind, we manage ourselves each day to be and to do what really matters most.--Stephen Covey

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good News & Bad News

Well, everything with my heart looks normal. Good news! The echocardiogram was normal as was the results from wearing the halter/holster for 24 hours. I'm still worried about having palpitations at night when I'm sleeping but the doctor assured me that it was okay to continue taking the beta-blocker at night before bed and possibly in the morning if I need it.

I am relieved that everything is okay with my heart... but I am still a bit unsettled that I am still getting heart palpitations. The doc mentioned that it could be sleep apnea but Jake says that I don't stop breathing at night (that he's noticed--which is hard, since he's, um, sleeping too) and I don't snore. We'll see what happens.

I have my follow-up appt with my general surgeon from the gallbladder removal and am hoping to be cleared for exercise and everything else. Ready to get moving again!!

I got more hours this week for work. This is a good thing. I'm overwhelmed, but it'll be good for our bank account.

Back in October I interviewed for a case manager position at a local adoption/foster care agency. I did my second interview the beginning of this month. Bad news: I didn't get the job. They called to let me know earlier this week. I feel super inadequate and hate doing interviews to begin with but I am moving forward. It just wasn't meant to be right now.

I'm praying that God shows me the way and opens up something new for me. I know that He has a plan for me and will put me in the right place. I'm thinking of looking outside my field for the time being... but we'll see what happens. It's hard to wrap my head around that since it would ultimately set back my advancements in my career. BUT, I also need to think about myself and my health (mental, physical, emotional). I have no idea where I am supposed to be right now and am trying to figure that out. Lots and lots of prayer.


  1. I still think you should be a wedding planner!

    1. I wouldn't even know how to get into the industry or how to become one!

  2. Good news about your heart! I'm thinking that you may just be prone to getting those palpitations for no reason at all (some people are). But, at least now you know it nothing serious (phew!)! Hope you have some peace about it all - I know it's uncomfortable/frustrating.

    I'll be praying for the job situation - that stinks!


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