How different our lives are when we really know what is deeply important to us, and keeping that picture in mind, we manage ourselves each day to be and to do what really matters most.--Stephen Covey

Friday, January 27, 2012

Here We Go

So, I'm back to working full time. Which means, life has gotten busy. When I'm not with clients, I'm completing notes. When I'm not completing notes, I'm spending time with my hubby. Or taking care of our home.

I am almost back to "normal" now and am feeling great. I have 2 more weeks of not being able to lift more than 25lbs due to my incisions but after that, I plan on focusing on my health. Which means, aside from making good food choices (which I have been working on already), I will begin working out again. As soon as we have a gym membership.

Although, does anyone out there watch The Biggest Loser?? Jake and I do. I find it inspiration and also painful. I am not as obese as the contestants on BL, but I am consider obese according to my weight/height/BMI. And I've struggled with my weight basically my entire life. So I can relate to the contestants and the pain that they experience. Anyway, to the point. This week on BL the black team (Bob's team!) lost the team challenge at the beginning of the show and lost their access to the gym for the week. Guess what?? They almost beat out the red team without having access to the gym. So I know if they can do it, I can do it. I'm not going to go to the extremes that they do in the show, and I certainly am not going to work out 5-6 hours per day (1-2 hours is enough for me, and I like having a life, tyvm) but I can walk at the park and start running. We are getting a gym membership, we are just waiting on it...

My plan is to start the couch to 5k (C25K) program and actually finish it. I've started it several times and just never finished it because I am not a strong runner. BUT, it would be nice if I could run with Jake.

Monday starts my focus on food. I am also going to start reading 100 Days of Weightloss and just start focusing on taking care of me. It's time to get this weight off. I also found free printables from the book and plan on writing about that. It's about to get real personal in here.

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