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Monday, January 9, 2012

My Health Saga Continues

So, after dealing with my toxic nodule on my thyroid and getting my tonsils removed and then getting my gallbladder removed, I thought that I would be done.

Done with dealing with health stuff for a little while at least.

Ha, not quite. A week after getting the partial thyroidectomy (look at that scar! Don't see it?? Oh yea, my surgeon did a great job!!) and tonsillectomy, my heart palpitations returned. I thought I was done with those. My endocrinologist and I thought that the heart palpitations were caused by the toxic nodule (hyperthyroidism). Apparently not :( Seriously.

Then, since I had a massive (and uber painful) gallbladder attack 3 days before going in for the thyroidectomy and tonsillectomy surgery, I self diagnosed myself as having palpitations from my gallbladder (I did some research on forums and found that some people have them...). Well, here we are. Still having them.

Mostly they happen at night. When I'm sleeping, but occasionally, like last Monday evening when I was simply sitting on the couch and playing a video game (don't judge!), I had palpitations, a high heart-rate (the heart-rate monitor on my phone got up to 120!!) and I had some numbness in my left arm. Talk about a freaked out Liz. I had Jake take me to urgent care where my heart rate was in the 90's upon arriving and was down to 70-something by the time we left and an EKG was normal. Oh, and I take a beta-blocker before bed which helps them to not happen at night and I can get some restful sleep.

Seriously, what.the.hell is going on with me?? I don't drink caffeine anymore because I thought that was the culprit. They usually happen at rest (although, I haven't been very active lately because of all my health stuff, so I wouldn't know!). And it's pretty anxiety producing.

So, here is me today:

Sexy, huh? I'm wearing a heart monitor for 24-hours to see if there are any irregularities or anything. The doc already thinks that they are benign (and I think he thinks I am a little crazy--maybe I am) and wants me to continue taking the beta-blocker. As soon as I am cleared to begin working out again from my gallbladder surgery, I am going to start that--slowly. Maybe it's just that I've been so inactive. Who knows?? Either way, I have this pesky machine on me until 3pm tomorrow.

I'm ready for something else to talk about... Something happy and less stressful? 

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