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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

South Beach Diet: Phase 1 Complete

I am happy to announce that I completed Phase 1 of the SBD. Successfully. I wanted to experience more drastic results like a lot of people report, but I lost 5lbs - 3 the first week and 2 the second week. After 2-3 years of losing no weight even though I was trying, this is a huge success.

I am still craving sweets but Splenda and sugar free JELLO have been life savers during these times. I haven't been using a lot of Splenda, just in my hot tea and in place of anything that calls for sugar (like sweet tea). I know, I know, research indicates that artificial sugars don't help with weight loss and can encourage more sweet cravings, but since my body also naturally craves sugar because of insulin problems it's a "healthier" option for me. And it helps me to stay away from the bad stuff (like cookies, cake, etc.). I also need to start taking my Metformin... Still soooo afraid of the side effects.

Last night I wanted to go to our favorite fro-yo (frozen yogurt, for those of you that aren't familiar) place because I am out of Phase 1, but I decided against it and am going for 3 weeks of no sugars except fruits. It was wonderful to add fruit back into my diet this week. I missed it!! I am nervous to see the weightloss results this week because of adding carbs back in, but we'll see what happens. I'm still trying to stay away from flour, rice, bread, etc so I may see at least a pound or two. Or at least I am hoping. I haven't started working out yet (yea, yea, yea, I'll get there) so I may not see the scale budge much this week.

I'm still feeling great and like I can do this. If I continue to lose weight (gotta start working out!!), I should be at my UGW (ultimate goal weight) by mid-September. That's not far off at all. I can and will do this.

Things I've learned:

  • I do not need sweets to survive. I do not need chocolate, a cookie or cake. 
  • Eating the sweets does not make me feel better. It does not take away my sadness, frustration, boredom, etc. 
  • Without all the crap/processed foods, I have less belly bloat. AND, feel great.
  • I am not adventurous with my veggies. I tried collard greens and did not like them... I'll stick to celery, cucumbers, broccoli and carrots for snacking.
  • It doesn't take that much time to prepare foods. Yes, processed foods are more convenient and quick to grab on the go, but I don't think people realize how much they are weighing them down.
  • I'm taking care of myself, AND I'm taking care of my hubby because he's eating healthier as well. I'm insuring a better future for us.
  • My body can lose weight.
  • I may have to work harder than "normal" people to lose weight.
  • With each pound lost, I gain that much more of my confidence back.
  • Whoever said that skinny doesn't equal happiness is lying. At least for me. Call me vain, but I truly am happier as I get thinner.
  • My hubby is my best cheerleader and support. Seriously. When I feel like falling, he is there beside me to tell me to keep going. God, I am so lucky. I love him so much.
There is probably a lot more, but I can't think right now.

Here is my before picture when I started the SBD. I'll try to get an update this week to see if there is any difference. I'm not sure 5lbs will show up since I am not working out, but we'll see.


  1. I really need to take a "pre" picture of myself. I keep making excuses (i.e., grad school, baby, full time job, messy house, sleep, etc.), but there will always be excuses available. I need to start taking care of myself now. Thank you for challenging me. I admire you for being so bold :)

    1. You can do it!! I want to be held accountable and I want to see progress because it's what helps me keep going and stay motivated.


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