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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm fine, really.

If you have talked to me in the last couple weeks, I have lied to you. Don't worry, it's nothing serious. I've just lied about how I've been feeling.

At my last endocrinologist appointment, more blood was drawn (of course!) and it was found out that my thyroid levels are dipping into the low side of the spectrum. Joy. I had 4 months of normal thyroid levels after surgery, so I am thankful for that. The thing is, my thyroid levels are just out of the normal levels but my doc put me on Synthroid anyway. It has helped with my energy levels, but it has also caused my heart palpitations to come back as well as almost constant nausea. Not fun. When I called to report what was going on, they simply told me that it takes awhile for my body to adjust to the Synthroid and that it takes 6-8 weeks for the levels to even out and that I will need to come in then to get more blood drawn to see what is going on. The thing is, I'm feeling pretty miserable. I manage, but I am back to thinking about escape routes just in case I really do have to throw up (it hasn't happened yet, now or last summer). Seriously, I make sure that I know where all the restrooms are and that I can pull over if I am driving. It's a pretty miserable existence (and I pray every single day that when I am pregnant I do not have to deal with this...).

So today I decided to try a little experiment. I skipped my morning dose of Synthroid. Guess what!? My heart palpitations are calmer today and I do not feel nauseous. Hmmmmmmm... I do feel pretty tired and went back to bed today after Jake left for work. BUT, I don't feel miserable or like I am going to throw up everywhere. I'm going to update my doc with the results of my little "experiment" and tell him that I am going to try a half a dose of what he prescribed me for a little while and see what happens. Energy-wise, the Synthroid helps. BUT, if it's making me suffer from hyperthyroidism symptoms again, I won't stay on it.

Other than that, we're good. Jake's mom's surgery went well and she is home now. The mass they removed from her abdomen was pretty large and we are still waiting on the biopsy reports. Jake and I have been discussed all sorts of plans related to moving into our townhouse at the beginning of July and are super excited for what that will bring for us. Oh, and today is mine and Jake's 1-year Wedding Anniversary, but that deserves it's own post!!

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